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Coronet Folding Camera

Somehow, I’ve found myself in possession of this camera—a Coronet 120 film camera, dating back to 1926. 1926! I’m unsure if it’s in working condition, or even how to use it in the first place. At the very least it will make a pretty ornament on my coffee table. I can’t comprehend the amazing sights this camera has captured.


Tam’s Canon

So, this weekend was interesting. On Sunday I held the second Glasgow Photo Walk alongside a workshop with Dan Rubin. I’ve never organised an event in my life, so it was a big learning experience and there are a few things I would do differently, but everybody – myself included – had a blast. I even picked up a few photography tips.

I’m so grateful to those who bought a ticket, not to mention Dan for being so heavily involved. Thank you!


Jack Smith Is…

It was Saturday morning and Jack arrived in Glasgow, complete with an entire box of Krispy Kreme’s for my fatty fat arse. I enjoy showing people around Glasgow because – as much as it has acquired a terrible reputation over the years – I know the good bits and how to sell the city; Tribeca for brunch, the lighthouse for a panoramic view of the (diamond in the rough) city, or a lunchtime drink in Ashton Lane. I think I sold it to him, although that might be because Indie took a shine to him.



The best friendships are the ones that require minimal effort to keep strong, in my opinion. Laura used to be a regular face on my blog and Flickr stream, but we fell out of touch for, yesterday being the first time we’ve seen each other since some point last year.  We did a bit of evening street photography, though the light began falling fast at around 8pm, then visited another friend we hadn’t seen for a while. The whole evening was quite spontaneous and exactly what I needed.


Diana F+

So, I’ve finished my first roll of film with the Diana. I’m sure it will have turned out a jumbled mess, and I’m okay with that. The pictures may not be pretty, but the camera definitely is. I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished another couple of rolls before seeing the results.


Meet Diana

When I was in Dublin I picked up a Novella Diana F+ camera from the moolah I made second shooting a wedding. I got off to a great start by buying the wrong film. n00b! Many people are surprised when I tell them I’ve never shot film, but I wasn’t into photography until my 20’s when digital cameras were cheap to pick up, and I just haven’t gotten around to buying a film camera – until now. It’s just a wee toy camera, but I’m eager to see how I find using it.


“There’s so much you can do with an inexpensive camera as long as you commit to really learning your craft.”

Truer words have not been spoken.