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Always Watching

Indie doesn’t let me out of her sight. It’s kind of cute.…


Quarantine Companion

I couldn’t ask for a better quarantine companion.…


Office Portraits Redux

Office portraits with Indie.


Weekend Vibes

This was Indie’s mood after a mammoth photo walk on a sunny Friday evening. This old lady still surprises me with how much energy she has for a 13 year old.…


Happy ‘Cos Poop

Indie is looking very smug with herself because she ate some poo on our walk. I won’t go into graphic detail, but I immediately had to bath her. Look at how proud she is of herself.…


My Best Friend

Indie’s red coat looks gooood when the sun is sitting low. I can’t help but get my camera out in this winter light.…


Prism Indie

I bought a prism and I tested it on Indie.…


Coffee Dates with Dogs

Went on a doggy coffee date with Indie and Luna to The Good Coffee Cartel. Indie likes her coffee black, whereas Luna is partial to a flat white.


Vet Day

Today is vet day. Indie is struggling to walk up stairs and I’ve noticed she trips over her back legs a lot. I’m not too concerned. It’s very normal for a dog of Indie’s age (12) to have arthritis. Hopefully the vet will give us some medication. I’ve also ordered dog stairs so she can get onto the sofa without jumping.


Another Year of Glasgow Coffee Festival

This was my third year attending Glasgow Coffee Festival. You can see photos from the last 2 years here and here. In some respects it was better than other years (they introduced reusable cups, which in turn saved a grand total of 18,000+ disposable cups). The only disappointment was that no dogs were allowed this year (ignore those photos of Indie—she is an emotional support dog).

I ate cake, drank coffee and chatted to suppliers about the businesses they’re building and coffee they’re roasting. Just like last year, Rab and I had photographed a wedding the day before so we needed caffeine to recover.

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