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Old Castle Lachlan

This is Margaret. Look familiar? She should. I stayed with her and Dustin (her boyfriend) on my second visit to New York. Strachur couldn’t be any more different to New York, but I love it just as much… in a different way. As a friend of Margaret’s for 21 years, Strachur is home to many of my childhood memories. Today we visited Old Castle Lachlan. It was covered in scaffolding and didn’t make for a pretty picture, but the scenery surrounding it did.



If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog, you may remember Mags’ face. I stayed with Mags when I visited New York in September of last year. We grew up together, so when she touched down in Scotland for only a few days, I sped through to Strachur despite already having driven 440 miles and being sick of sitting behind the wheel. Even though my wheel is awesome.

Mags has invited me back to New York. I’m thinking of spending a few days there, then hopping over to San Francisco. OH MAN.