The Real Easy All Stars

I don’t photograph live music much; I don’t find it particularly interesting to shoot (I’d rather dance), and the lighting is terrible 99% of the time. But Gary, my friend who plays piano, asked if I’d spend 10 minutes shooting one of the bands he plays for, The Real Easy All Stars, during a charity gig. And I’m a good friend, so I did.



  1. Tyler says:

    Fantastic set Ashley! Inspiring stuff.

  2. Guada says:

    Hi! Great work!! I really like your shots! you should see mine, they really suck compare to yours… if it is not too much to ask, would you tell me what camera and lens did you use? did you use high ISO? ´cause I don´t see any noise on your shots… thanks in advance!! 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      Thanks 🙂 I did not use high ISO for these shots. In some I was shooting at ISO 320 and 640. I think the highest I might have went was 1200. The light was great and very much on my side. All of my equipment is listed on my about page.

  3. Sarai says:

    These are great! The lighting seems perfect (and I know it wasn’t!) so kudos!

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